Are you a Real Estate Agent in need of

CRM Marketing Document Transaction Database Scheduling Email MLS Listing help?

Are you a Real Estate Agent in need of CRM Marketing Document Transaction Database Scheduling Email MLS Listing help?

We've got you covered.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant (VA) Service

For Real Estate Agents looking to scale, there are a multitude of tasks that should be delegated to an Assistant. The challenge - Recruiting, Training, Managing and Retaining competent admin can be very difficult and costly.

Composite provides Agents with full time VAs to help scale their businesses, drive revenue and free up time.

Why Choose Composite as your Real Estate Virtual Assistance Partner?

We are Real Estate Specialists

Our firm is 100% dedicated to the Residential Real Estate Space, and all of our VAs are pre-trained and tested before starting with your Team. This is all Composite does.


Team Approach with Dedicated Managers

When you hire 1 full-time VA, you also get the support of our Management Team (at no additional cost) – an Operations Manager and 2 dedicated Team Leaders. This ensures quality control of tasks, timeliness of projects, coverage, and added/shared skill sets.


We are 100% Office-based

Unlike most of our competition, we are NOT remote workers at home with spotty service and family distractions. Every day we come into a state-of-the-art office (in Davao City, Philippines) with management, secure service, backup servers and data security.


We Will Never Leave You

Typical Assistants at home eventually leave to become full-time Agents or to pursue other dreams. Composite’s goal is to be your full-time admin for the long term – that you never need to recruit, hire & train again!


We help Systematize your Business

With our project management software, we will define / execute your bespoke processes, tasks, checklists, and transactions.


How can Composite help your business?

CRM Management

• Importing Deals and Tagging Contacts
• Leveraging AI Lead Generation Tools
• Building out CRM and Target Lists
• Client Communication and Follow Up
• Building and maintaining eBlast Lists


• Social Media (LinkedIn, Instagram, FB)
• Mailers, Newsletters and eBlasts
• Video Creation for MLS or Social Media
• Managing marketing collateral
• Advertising and SEO

Document Preparation

• Leases, Extensions & Renewals
• Listing/Leasing Agreements
• Riders & Disclosure Statements
• Deal Sheets
• HOA and Board Documents


• CMA & Comparable Analysis
• Buyer & Seller Reports
• Commission Reporting
• Expense Tracking / Reports
• Deal Reporting

MLS Management

• Adding & Updating new listings
• Property Descriptions (using AI)
• Marketing Collateral Management
• Property Collections for Clientelle
• Photo and Spec Management


• Drafting, Fielding and Replying
• Inbox Cleanup / Unsubscribing
• General Maintenance
• Creating Email Templates
• Tagging and Filing

Technology Implementation

• Integration into Brokerage Tech
• DocuSign/SendGrid
• Skyslope/PropertyShark Etc.
• Content Creation Apps (Canva)
• Any or All CLIENT Technology

Property Management

• Vendor Communication
• Locksmith and Key Management
• Scheduling Assistance
• Appointment maintenance
• Tenant Support

Any or All Personal Tasks

• Personal Appointments
• Reservations
• Travel Assistance
• Shopping
• Deliveries

Not sure if Composite is the right fit for your business?

We support hundreds of top Real Estate Agents across the United States, and would love to set up a time for an introduction.

What you get with Composite’s Real Estate Virtual Assistant (VA) Service

Full-Time Virtual Assistant

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