What we do

Focused Scalability

Equipped to scale up with the right resources, talents, technology, and industry knowledge to take on large-scale operations.

Expert Management

Housing an elite team of Subject Matter Experts and Quality Assurance Specialists with industry-tested processes that boosts profitability and reduce costs.

Flexible Staffing

With dedicated team leaders and client relations experts, we provide tailor-made operations fit to your specific business, size, budget and vision.

We offer quality solutions to your business Needs

We pride ourselves in fully understanding our client’s needs in the earliest stages of each business deal. Our knowledge in the industry allows us to anticipate solutions and design strategies efficiently.

Six Eleven incorporates the human factor when initiating sales over the phone. We leverage the ability to access more territories and broadening your market share at a fraction of the cost. Productivity and quality defines our direction.

More than just customer support, our teams strengthens your brand while boosting your customer experience through professional customer service training and development. We ensure smoothness of transaction and handling.

Reduce overhead costs and gain highly competent clerical specialists such as accountants, product listers, creative artists, and even digital engineers. Our back office support can serve as a highly reliable extension to your operations.

Our Web Design and Development offers can range from simplest static single pages to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, e-commerce capabilities, and social network services. 

Our offshore staffing services enable you to establish your own team in the Philippines. You hand-pick the employees who will work for you exclusively and full-time from our offices in the Philippines.

Six Eleven is a proven name in the order-taking business. Order taking is a multi-billion dollar industry and is the most popular inbound telemarketing application there is. Our services can close the sales for virtually every product and service available today. 

Our Technical Support reaches to a plethora of services and provides assistance to users of technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other electronic or mechanical goods. 

We have variety of online assistants and they all have different skills: scheduling and logistics, web-based services like manning email accounts, doing research or social media or transcribing voice memos and more. 

Find the right fit for you

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We started in 2005 with only 20 seats. We have now grown to 3,000 seats currently! Our yearly growth and success is a testament to our drive and capability to guarantee that client goals are met.

Michael Bian

CEO, Six Eleven